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slange gudinde

The garden of Rumi
In the enchanted garden of Rumis devine lovemakinglives the The snake goddes her etarnel life.

The snake Goddes is an excact copi of the sculptur from Crete of the Snake Goddes. She keeps snakes in her hands and her cat on her head. Rumis love poems are painted into the frame.



The Sharman in the Cave:


Caving in
In the raw cave walls the ancient shamens drew picture of the Taurus to connect themselves wth their devine power. The drawings behind the woman in the painting are an excact copi of the 10.000 year old drawings in the Lascaux Cave in France.

Chevet Cave
The Sharman proctect the animal spirits drawn into the naked cave walls. The drawings og the lions, bison and mamut elephant are an excact copi of the 30.000 year old drawings in Chauvet Cave in France.


Grottens dans

Dancing in the cave
With her bone-dance, the Sharman awakens the ancient devine powers in the cave drawings of the lions, bisons, bear, leopard and mamut elephant. The 30.000 year old drawings were made in Chauvet Cave in France.



Feminine strength:.............................. 3 aspacts of the devine feminine




In the fullmoon magic I hear your call, The softness of your voice embraces my beeing, in your light you bathe my mind til I let my burden go

Primal Force
........Feerlessly you tame the power of the snake, win its wisdom, turn its poison into medicine, I am you and you are me


....Venus awake my senses, nourish my soul, with you I dance in abundance of joy. Your sweetness flow through my cells in devine lovemaking.





Cutting through illusion


Wild Woman
She is free , She is her own and she lives in deep contact with her primal force


Be true to yourself



Snow Leopard


In the fire
With the inner power the stifness melts


Primal Force
Deathgoddess, crone, Baba Jaga.....
The instinct power that resides in us all.That in us which has no fear of death (letting go)...Or letting parts of us self die, for something new to appear.

Snake Dancer
......Feerlessly she dances with light feet til the power of the snake is tamed

Dragen Lady
...my longing calls the power of the dragon


Goddess Freja
Her ecstatic love dance with the thunder, her secret lover (Thor)



Priestesses from ancient times, honoured and respected for their wisdom and healing craft, later hunted and punished as witches


Goddes Durga
A war goddess with the compassion of a mother. One needs courage in order to look into all recesses inside oneself.

Tiger Passion
Make love with your inner tiger


No Fear

Kali-Durga Goddess, is riding over the Himalayas to remind us of our courage to face ourselfs

Angels and Fantasy










Deva land


Angel in the night



Deva horses



Other paintings


































Tibetan goddess of compassion


Hindu goddess of wisdom and creativity


Varja Skydancer
Tibetan goddess of vitality and freedom




Goddess of abundance and free sexuality